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As promised in our last post, "The Rebirth of the Search Engine Optimization Platform, SEO Effect",  this post discusses two new and exciting features of the new SEO Effect keyword tool. 

These two new SEO Key Performance Indicators are:

  • Keyword traffic share
  • Weight average traffic share

SEO KPI 1: Keyword Traffic Share.

We zeroed in on developing a higher level SEO Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to give you an overview of your SEO performance in one glance.  Therefore, we introduce the metric, Keyword Traffic Share.

This metric solves a lot of SEO issues:

  • Keyword Traffic Share represents a legal way to measure search engine visibility without scraping search engine rankings, which is illegal according to Google . In Keyword Traffic Share, no scraping is involved.
  • This SEO KPI also looks behind the search engine ranking by looking at the searcher's behavior:  a number one position in Google is worth nothing when it's a poorly written or reading listing that generates no clicks at all. Keyword Traffic Share compares the real traffic of your site against the maximum possible traffic.
  • Additionally, Keyword Traffic Share eliminates all of the fuzzy "personal search" engine rankings that differ from the normal, regular search engine rankings. About 20% of Google searches where personal till December 4 2009. Google made all 100% of searches personal as they from that date in there post of last week "Personalized Search for everyone". In "personal searches," Google shuffles the rankings of a search result according to the searcher's previous queries.

How Keyword Traffic Share Works

This SEO Key Performance Indicator represents the approximate percentage of visits to your website over the last month in comparison to the total maximum search volume a number one search engine listing can bring in for a particular keyword. This metric is targeted to your specified country as well as the language settings for all search engines in your country.

Example"traffic share:"

  • The exact keyword "car" generated 800 searches last month.
  • SEO Effect calculates that a number one search engine listing for car gets 160 clicks.
  • Your website received 80 visits last month on the word car from organic search.
  • Your "traffic share" is 50% (80/160)

SEO KPI 2: Weighted Average Traffic Share

Next to traffic share down at the keyword level, SEO Effect also calculates the weighted average traffic share.  This high level SEO KPI is a percentage from zero to 100%. When you have a weighted average traffic share of 100%, all of your optimized keywords have a number one position in all of the search engines in your country.  More importantly, they push maximum traffic to your website. The term, "weighted average" means that keywords with a higher search volume have more weight in this KPI.

Example "weighted average traffic share:"

  • The exact keyword "car" has 800 searches last month.
  • The exact keyword "boat" has 16,000 searches last month.
  • SEO Effect calculates that a number one search engine listing gets 160 clicks for car and 3200 for boat.
  • Your website received 80 visits last month on the word car from organic search and 80 from the keyword boat.
  • Your search share is 50% for car and 2.5% for boat.
  • Your weighted average traffic  share is (80+80)/(160+3200)= 4%

Combining these two KPIs provides you with a unique insight into the performance of your organic search campaign.

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Google keyword tool
written by MarkeD, September 15, 2010
Nice idea, I have tried similar with Google Analytics vs Google Webmaster Tool impression data, which I hope would give more accurate keyword volume than the Google Keyword Tool, which is notriously unreliable, although has reportedly improved recently.
accurate data
written by keesjan, February 11, 2011
@MarkeD: Google Keyword tool is the best we have. And more important: with WMT and analytics its only possible to measure 'traffic share' for keyword you already score on. Second it takes a lot time to export the data, compare them in a spreadsheet etc. So please give it a try.
written by mokun, March 06, 2011
Google Keyword tool is the best key
written by Seb Morley, March 13, 2011
Such a fantastic article, it really helps in gaining traffic to your website, Thank you so much for posting!
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Great insight about traffic share
written by seo-guy, April 04, 2012
It's strange that not may SEO people talk much about this traffic share which is very important in getting traffic from SEO. Thanks

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