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Update: contact data extractor

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The first update of our new link build tool has seen the light of day. For those of you that missed our December news: we launched our link build tool just before the holidays. It helps you find the type of links prospects that fits your campaign and link bait. Give it a try!

We wish you happy holidays and a wonderful new year!

We just released the first version of the link build tool of SEO Effect. Releasing it in 2011 was last years new-years-resolution. So in the last couple of weeks we worked really hard to prevent ourselves from having to repeat it!


google plus one buttonA couple of weeks ago we organized a Google +1 experiment to learn more about the ins and outs of the new Google +1 button. We had over 70 readers of SEO effect voting ‘plusone’ for three pages in the Google search results with the experimental version of the Google button. We were looking for (preliminary) answers to questions like:



Please participate in our experiment about Google's new '+1' button. As SEO enthusiasts we want to find out more on how the +1 button influences Google search results. So we devised a little experiment and we need your help to make it work. Follow these four steps to participate.


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AGIS, BinckBank, GITP, VVC-Adventure, Schoenenreus, and a lot large and small companies and institutions. See more satisfied SEO Effect customers.

Evert Littooy, Online marketer Binckbank

"The SEO effect tool offers great insight in the search rankings and the effectiveness of our SEO efforts. This tool saves a lot of time." Evert Littooy, Online marketer at Binckbank.


Patrick Kok, web manager Agis

"SEO effect brings together all necessary tools for a search specialist." Patrick Kok, Webmanager at Agis Zorgverzekeringen.


Barry Adams State of Search

"SEO Effect might well become one of the industry’s most powerful tool suites.” Barry Adams, Editor, review on State of Search.

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