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Monitor SEO Trends

Follow the performance of you keywords. Our first trend report is about 'traffic share'. Traffic Share works the same as Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPS) but then better.

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What can I do with monitor SEO trends?

Monitor SEO Trends with 'traffic share'

The SEO trends tools help to monitor your SEO improvements.

  • It's more precise then monitoring Search Engine Ranking Positions.
  • 'Traffic share' helps you identify gainers and losers among your keywords.
  • It also discloses keywords with below average shares due to competition, bad listings or other causes you need to identify.
  • 'Traffic share' is a metric that helps you to monitor the quality of your search engine optimization.

trends seo kpi traffic share down to keyword level

Traffic share explained

SEO KPI 'traffic share' down to the keywordlevel Traffic share is a metric that's is based on the slice of the "search pie" your site receives of a specific keyword.

Traffic share is divided in branded and non-branded traffic share. These segments must be separated because they cannot be compared. It is difficult nowadays to track the rank of a keyword due to "personal search". That is why we developed a new SEO performance indicator: 'traffic share';


Explanation SEO KPI Traffic Share


'Traffic share' represents the percentage of visits to your website over the last month in comparison to the estimated benchmark a number one search engine listing can bring in for a particular keyword. This metric is targeted to your specified country as well as the language settings for all search engines in your country. Also 'traffic share' is segmented by brand keywords and non-brand keywords.

search volume exact keyword
estimated benchmark %
estimated nr1 traffic volume
current traffic volume site
'traffic share'
branded keyword
non-branded keyword

Traffic share metric solves a lot of SEO issues


  • Keyword Traffic Share represents a 'legal' way to measure search engine visibility. Getting a search engine ranking is only possible via techniques that Google c.s. does not allow.
  • This SEO KPI represents the search-funnel from search to seeing your listing to click trough. Ranking is only about your representation in a search engine list. Traffic share takes 2 more things into account: the demand for a keyword, based on search volume for a keyword and the clicks of users on your listing.
  • Additionally, Keyword Traffic Share eliminates all of the fuzzy "personal search" engine rankings that differ from the normal, regular search engine rankings. 

Weighted Average Traffic Share

Next to traffic share down at the keyword level, SEO Effect also calculates the weighted average traffic share.  This high level SEO KPI is a percentage from zero to 100%. When you have a weighted average traffic share of 100%, all of your optimized keywords have a number one position in all of the search engines in your country. More importantly, they push maximum traffic to your website. The term, "weighted average" means that keywords with a higher search volume have more weight in this KPI. 

Brand and non brand segmentation

SEO KPI traffic share: weigted overall segmented by branded and non-branded keywords Both 'weighted average traffic share' and 'traffic share' down to the keyword level are segmented by brand keywords and non-brand keywords. For brand keywords a higher percentage of searchers will click on the number one position in a search result then for a non-branded keyword search. So it's more insightful to separate them in two segments.


In the pipeline

Trends to come:
  • annotations of your tasks in the graphs
  • brand awareness trends
  • indexation page yield trends
  • link-building trends
  • social media trends

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