SEO Effect release 2.1 is live: support for multiple Analytics accounts

A long standing wish of professional users has made it to the SEO Effect application.

We now support:

  • multiple Google Analytics accounts
  • and ditto for Google Webmaster Tools.

This means that you can now have one SEO Effect account with access to Analytics / WMT profiles from different Google accounts (still with me :-). This is particularly helpful for SEO specialists who access GA data via more than one Google account.

SEO Effect tools connect google analytics webmaster tools

Also very handy for new sites

If you are researching a new site, you usually do not have an Analytics profile, simply because the site does not exist yet. With the new functionality it is easy to add an Analytics account to your SEO Effect campaign at a later stage. This will benefit  all types of users: a multi-campaign-SEO-guru and a single-site-free-campaign-user alike! Just go to “Campaigns” in the SEO Effect Memberzone and then click the “Edit” Icon near the end of the row of your campaign.

Please note!

This update required a change in the database. It should work fine but if you experience problems like: lacking traffic data, please let us know. We are glad to help!

Other improvements

We improved the score of the site-optimization scan for “distributed” keywords. For example if you want to optimize for “Cat food” you now also get a partial score if your title-tag contains “Cat and dog food“. This reflects better how search engines algo works.

SEO Effect tools pagescan broad keyword density

You can now scan multiple pages at once for site optimization . We added buttons like: “(Re)Scan all pages” and “Scan all unscanned pages”. This saves you many buttons to click after a structural change in your site or if you added keywords to number of URL’s.

Crawl errors on your site now includes errors found by the SEO Effect crawler and the errors form Google Webmaster Tools like Soft404, restricted by robots.txt and 500 errrors.

SEO Effect tools crawl errors now with Google webmaster tools crwal errors

Soft 404 errors (wiki) are handled better are less likely to upset the SEO Effect crawler.

And of course, many more small bug fixes. Mostly in the “Site optimization” part of the application. So give it a try and let us know what you think.

Quick update about our +1 experiment

The Google +1 experiment got a nice response. So plenty of collaboration from you all. Thanks a million! We are now trying to get a grip on the effects. We’ll keep you posted!

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