Webmaster tools api update

Google announced that the Webmaster Tools (WMT) API — and with that the authorization method for that API — is being upgraded. SEO Effect has been changed to accommodate that. That also means that all users that authorized SEO Effect to read the crawl errors from WMT have to do that authorization … Read More

Summer of 2014: all SEO Effect updates

During the summer, we did a couple of updates. In this post you'll find an overview of the most important changes. Update of the rank checker graphs You can now spot your own site easier when comparing rankings between you and your competitors for individual keywords in the rank checker. … Read More

New report: High potential keywords!

We added a new report for you in SEO Effect. This shows you the keywords from you Campaign Keyword list ordered by potential. Keywords that are near a top SE ranking and that also show a good potential of extra visitors make it to the top of the list. So we're talking about words on the first page … Read More

New: SEO Effect’s solution for Not provided

As we mentioned in the previous post: ‘Not provided’ is increasing to 100%. This means that you’ll no longer know how specific keywords score in terms of traffic, engagement or conversion for unpaid search traffic. Fortunately, there are several solutions for this problem. One of them is extracting … Read More

How to: Google webmaster tools and SEO Effect

In this ‘how to’ we explain how you can open a Google Webmaster profile for your website and how you can connect it to SEO Effect. ‘Not provided’ is going to 100%. As a consequence, you will no longer know how unpaid traffic is reaching your website, and how you’re doing for certain keywords in … Read More