Effects of the Google +1 button researched: download the whitepaper

google plus one buttonA couple of weeks ago we organized a Google +1 experiment to learn more about the ins and outs of the new Google +1 button. We had over 70 readers of SEO effect voting ‘plusone’ for three pages in the Google search results with the experimental version of the Google button. We were looking for (preliminary) answers to questions like:


  • What is the effect on impressions, rankings and traffic?
  • How is it presented?
  • Which (positive) effects can be expected?

The results of this experiment can be found in the white paper Google +1 experiment. Click the link, read it and share your thoughts, remarks and questions.

Download de whitepaper Google +1 button Download the research whitepaper about the Google +1 button

Readers from SEO Effect that actively contributed to the experiment can get their reward of 1 credit by:

  • Creating an account in SEO Effect (if you don’t have one already)
  • Send a mail (from the same mail address as used for your SEO Effect account) to support@seoeffect.com with the name of the twitter account that you used in the last step of the experiment.

We will check your twitter account with the one on our list and than add a credit to your SEO Effect account.

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